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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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very busy road and for the tour. what you need to know about getting around the construction mess on 1790 to orange county. >> we will not dismantle anything. >> that is a promise that cannot be kept. >> democrats clashed at the first debate since the new hampshire primary why president. obama became a tough issue for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> good morning. time is 6 am on friday february time is 6 am on friday, february 12, you will be happy with brian shields. >> finally. >> [laughter] >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> poor guy. >> it will be beautiful. >> the weather. great tracking changes on the way as we get into the weekend. turning warmer. it is on the cold side this morning but look at the afternoon, hitting 76 degrees a nice payoff after a chilly week. go with heavy sweatshirt or jacket.
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again, it is cold this morning and we will rebound quickly. one of those days that kids may leave your jacket on the school bus later today i hope not but it will be a short sleeve afternoon. if they can get away with shorts the next few hours they will be okay. satellite and radar picture, patchy fog to the south and we will keep an eye on that. through the day a lot of sun. ocala, this is the northern tier, 62 antenna, 70 at lunchtime and we will be in the low to mid 70s this afternoon. coming up, tracking a mini front working in tonight and we will track the changes and go city by city with temperatures just ahead. right now 6:01 am. jamie? at this hour we are monitoring a construction project that could disrupt your morning drive, split we gave you the heads up -- heads up last night. crews will shut down the southbound lanes of 1792 in maitland from maitland to winter park. janai norman is live and this could be trouble once the commute gets going.
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minutes we had been watching as cars get the tort at the intersection where they turned left onto park avenue and it is tricky because the lights are not working so there is someone directing traffic and letting traffic know when to stop to let oncoming traffic pass by. these orange cones and road closed signs will be up all weekend long. for i was already construction crews have a blocking the southbound lane of 1792. transportation officials say they will remove concrete slabs and replace the roadway with asphalt between winter park and maitland. most of the work will happen under the railroad bridge and we found out over the course of the weekend you can still access local businesses and the road will be blocked until 6 am monday morning. and there is the officer, you can see he's directing traffic. the road will reopen at that time monday morning but crews will close down the same lanes again next friday to 6 am the
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have to deal with the road closures to weakens in around. deneige broom is standing by with traffic in the studio. >> it's a tricky small stretch of 1792 but could cause big headaches. to get around this, i 4 to leave road and make the right onto 1792 southbound and if you'd prefer to take local roads go park avenue, denning drive, back to 1792 southbound go to . morse boulevard to 7092 southbound as well that could get you around the road block until they be open the lanes. jamie? 4 hours without a new interchange giving better access to the airport from the 470 will ocean -- open. crews have been working on that no flyovers -- a new flyovers. -- they will provide direct access to the airport hopefully
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the project cost $71 million. two candidates on stage but a third democrat took the attention of last night's debate. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders focused heavily of president. obama. eyewitnesses this morning kimberly eiten is pretty down the moments that mattered most. these were the first time they squared off since the primary this week. >> each with one win under the bed. clinton with a win and bernie sanders came on top new hampshire days ago and now they are looking to head to south carolina and nevada where the polls open next. >> the race to the white house of focused last night on the -- office. as the contenders from his party faced off for the first time since new hampshire voters went to the polls earlier this hillary clinton says bernie sanders took the stage in milwaukee saving fireworks for the end. >> the kind of criticism we heard from senator.
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expect from republicans but not from someone running for the democratic nomination to succeed president. obama [ applause ] >> model secretary that is the low -- madam secretary that's a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama and i was not a candidate. >> reporter: before either of them comes -- becomes a successor to obama's legacy, they will need to win over voters in south carolina and nevada. tenders issued a reminder there's a long way to go. spread secretary clinton you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: they will have to convince the population they are the better choice for the democratic nomination. for the bottom of the hour, we will look at the daily -- voter demographics in the state and how it's changing the way candidates attack issues. gop, florida's primary is almost one month away but it looks like leading candidate donald trump is getting a head start. you will be at a rally with more than 10,000 people in
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live starting at eyewitness news at 4 and post updates when the rally starts through delhi try one. highlighted 10 at 11. a man who live with a mother-daughter duo accused of walking their -- locking their kids in rome while they work as prostitutes is refusing to bail them out of jail this morning. >> tracy moloch and her daughter posted an ad on services. tenant owned the home and supported the arrest. >> the writing was done. -- that the writing was done and that the three children in question that i am sure is why hands. >> the sheriff told us d'amico was not under investigation and the children linked to the case are staying with a relative. employees of a previous should accused of treating influence and now helping hundreds of parents find new
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dr. norbert velasco's practice is closed. we told you last month dr. velasco accused of taking drugs and alcohol while treating children at his clinic on wes caley street. yesterday we saw medical supplies being moved out and we spoke with employees. >> a lot of people love this dr. they been seeing him for a long time. >> velasco says in an disgruntled employee made the false unlighted -- allegations and is appealing the restriction on his medical license. water bottle donations will be collected to help the people flint, michigan. elastic makes pollution control systems and sending more than 17,000 bottles of water to michigan. flint residents were exposed to dangerous high levels of lead four months after the city switch from the local river to save money. the school board and polk county expected to discuss a completed internal
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superintendent catherine leroi was cleared of any wrongdoing. associate superintendent greg rivers claimed leroi made several sexual passes at him and tweaked an open position so she could hire a formal level. the school board meets tonight at 5:00. veterans in lake county will have to go somewhere else for the medical care. the va clinic in leesburg shutting down at noon. a new va clinic will open on these burly boulevard into mary's tuesday. any -- to verizon tuesday. -- if you been watching as you know one of the major headlines was the sixth different shootings claiming seven lines across central florida this last weekend. in the next hour the orange county sheriff's office hopes to make things safer trading unwanted guns for $50 gift cards. starting at 7 am, anyone can turn in a gun no questions asked without an id. show up at the orange blossom
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building at obt and michigan avenue. sometime later today, officials in eatonville hope to reopen a main road through town following a big water main break . the water main break happened tuesday on kennedy boulevard. leaders blame the cold weather and the entire town is under a boil water warning. a similar break happened last summer. we will tell you when the warning is lifted. coming up 6:10 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 quite a friday. >> a lot of sun on the way. we warm up with me after the cold start. 52 at 9:00, chilly but after that turning the corner and you can see at lunchtime some of us are approaching 70 degrees at that point. schoolbus pickup time at 3:00, use the low 70s around low to mid 70s this afternoon and you see my friends later you will -- tom terry tracking off temperatures 68 at 6:00, volusia county, ormond-by-the-
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smyrna beach, ponce inlet, port orange daytona beach on the 7075 daytona and debary and swinging back to orange county., winter park, orlando winter garden, oakland, kuwait temperatures in the 70s and we will be in the 70s in melbourne and westford temperature 74 and breezy with a southwest wet 10- 20. great today and tonight we will see a mini front working in about 52 mostly clear for tonight coming up in maine water -- in the main weather section, i will show you how temperatures are impacted this week in. >> spot of construction still on i 4, ivanhoe, eastbound lanes and you have a right-hand lane blocked off with colds for construction and it has not caused slowdowns. light traffic tracker, metal debris in the center lane on for 14 in apopka westbound lanes and you will come across that if you are headed that the great -- headed in that direction. keep that in mind.
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shooting's sending bullets into a home that had a family inside. the mistake sent officers to the wrong house. >> they threatened me that if i didn't -- >> the sex scandal at a popular central florida church why an alleged mistress says the lawsuit has nothing to do with money. coyotes in the neighborhood, what people
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jamie holmes, 6:14 am, a live look for the southbound lanes, mainly to winter park, the note says do not go there.
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it is shut down. minutes. >> that is direct. we know the driver who investigators say crashed into an orlando home has been before. investigators say a family was inside 127-year-old clarence mcclendon -- 127-year-old clarence mcclendon plow through the hall. right before the crash he may have been involved in a hit-and- run. you can see the damage for yourself, go to and scroll to the latest photo session. brevard county residents waking up better educated and how to deal with the coyote problem. state wildlife agents talked indian harbour beach residents about the animals and tried to reassure them they could coexist with the coyotes living near clinton park.'s black people should feel safe walking -- >> people should feel safe walking their pets.
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-- the city will resume trapping efforts once they find a place to really go -- relocate the coyotes meeting requirements. is a morrow county, research has to happen to see whether fences are needed to keep bears off of i 4. yesterday you saw state transportation engineers and bile just looking at the interstate between longwood and lake mary. agents worry because crash pants -- trash cans are locked up and bears will hop the fence is to find food. >> they can climb trees in seconds. fences that are three or four feet high are not affected for keeping bears out. >> biologists and engineers must research what fence could work that's what keeping the price down. 20 bears hit on i 4, somervell county in six years. it has taken nearly 70 years but family members of the groveland 4 will have to wait five more days for public apology.
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make the proclamation tuesday. in 1949 4 young black man arrested for raping a 17-year- old white girl. the bullets of prize-winning book explains how to ship at the time frame of the men and shot two of them killing one. habitat for humanity is standing by its work at a home in kissimmee officials say they do not know how it fell into disrepair. habitat osceola county residents spoke with us about the home, homeowners say it had leaking pipes and broken cabinets and faucets. the president admitted they used licensed and unlicensed contractors to do work on the home. >> we promise a habitable home and we promised it to have the elements of what a home should be. is it going to have all the bells and whistles that so many desire? of course not. >> the president tells us she will talk with the homeowner
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nonprivate like you cannot fix it all. -- nonprofit cannot fix it all. >> a giant water hazard disappeared from a golf course. >> you can see a sinkhole opened up a retention pond and sucked the water out. course managers say the pond will refill when the sinkhole is plugged. how many golf balls have fallen in that whole -- hole.. split you did good today. >> i did. >> downtown orlando, to the north, 42 and cold. where your jacket. -- a jacket for sure, split forecast a. they can get away with shorts. this is called, 40s, 50s and
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46 deland, 52 the villages, 44 titusville merritt island indian river city checking in in the 40s this morning but the 24-hour temperature change yesterday at this time we had 20s but we are dealing with spots a couple degrees warmer. spots up to 20 degrees milder this morning. winds are calm but coming out of the south where they are not, southwesterly flow today and is going to warm us up. patchy fog is developing. if you are headed south on i 4, especially through polk county, sumter, lake, there is patchy fog developing the marion county. other than that lots of sun. 69 at noon, nelson park, apopka, 72 at 2:00 let the kids burn energy. 1:00, zooming through the timeframe we are dry today and future track tries to . up a ribbon of clouds for tonight. late tonight, early tomorrow, that is when the front works in and it will drop temperatures
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at 4:00, sunshine. in the forecast it will be cooler. 70s that the beaches, strong rip currents through the weekend not just today. water temperatures 50s, 60s. 76, warmer today, loads of sunshine. mid-70s for all of us . southwesterly winds 10 to 20 miles an hour and a warm breeze unlike earlier this week. tonight low to mid 50s a mini front and saturday, cooler, we could have upper 50s in the northern coastline and most in the 60s tomorrow and after the front sweeps a break, breezy, sunny skies and a great weekend for outdoor events. i put a forecast for all the events of ron central florida on or download the new icflorida app. good stuff by the speedway sunday. they have qualifying going on. five-day forecast, where the
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is that 68 saturday valentine's day, 67 after a cold start and 70s next week. the front works in monday and tuesday a chance for showers early next week. it is 6:20 am. new information on the drive. deneige . >> i 4 westbound before pine crest -- you still have a crash i 4 westbound, state road, blocking off left and right shoulders here. >> a microphone problem with deneige but we will check back in a few minutes with her. gas prices across central florida, how much the average family is saving and why the than expected. more cases of the zika virus showing up in florida, what critics say more needs to be done to screen international tourist headed to the us. >> ( indiscernible )
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6:24 am a wild and tragic story coming in from overnight, state
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killed 2 strangers he was just trying to help. to present the construction worker was tried to help a group of friends with a pickup truck that was stuck at a construction area in palm harbor but it did not work and when he tried to leave, troopers say he ran over and killed kevin walsh and jessica darby both a palm coast. troopers are now investigating exactly what happened. a married orange county pestered has stepped down from his church amid an alleged sex scandal that ended in a lawsuit. >> on sunday had -- pastor tells his congregation in orlando baptist church that he was resigning. the news followed a lawsuit from miranda on the phone she tells that she had an affair with the pastor and the church offered $3000 to keep quiet. split -- >> he just took advantage of the and took advantage of his position as the senior pastor. and tried to scare me. >> we tried to contact the
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comment on the lawsuit. many have reacted to the story online if you have not wait and go to our facebook page the slowdown in the economy could reduce the central florida vacation taken by top groups of international tourists. one in eight canadians will visit florida in their lifetime because the canadian dollar is struggling, canadians would have to pay an extra 30 percent to vacation in orlando. the extra expense has recently reduced the number of canadian number of canadian visitors by about 8 percent. that impacts our economy. tough laws in place to restrict where sex offenders can live. >> this is the only option aside from living on the street or in the car. >> coming up, 9 investigates is a community just for offenders could ever be built here and central florida. >> reporter: monitoring a construction project that could interrupt your morning drive. for 6:30 we are showing you back ups and helping you to
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tracking changes in altidore temperatures and a warm up on the way before a
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6:30 am, taking a lot of love from sky witness 9 over maitland. 1792 specifically where there will be construction that could delay you if this is part of your commute. we will watch that this morning. janai norman is out there and deneige broom tracking the chores for you. we check weather and traffic, of course, every 10 minutes. deneige is watching the road -- watching the roads and certified meteorologist brian shields is here. >> sunshine and cold but we will see a warm-up today. looking at temperatures. 40 and 50 if you can get past the next few hours you can be fine with swords but have your jacket this morning, 42 in orlando, 46 deland, 44
6:30 am
melbourne and 52 as we get into sumter and lake county. patchy fog forming other than that it will be a beautiful sunrise. today is the planner, 61 and 10:00, lunchtime, outdoors 70 and 73 by the time the kids get out of school today and in the mid-60s by 6:00 before the sun goes down for any evening plans. breezy and a southwest wind 10 to 20 miles an hour, we warm- up. narc oossee, by decree, temperature is around 75, we have a mini front working in tonight. we will track changing temperatures on the way and city by city with more temperatures. 6:31 am, let's check traffic. the big traffic warning for commuters in orange county as we just mentioned at the top of the hour. >> janai norman is watching the section between maitland
6:31 am
they saw drivers confused and in fact some people going the wrong direction. >> reporter: jamie, that might be why there is a police officer here helping to guide traffic and look at this, back ups are not bad but we started to see cars backing into the southbound lanes of 1792 in the last 30 minutes. but they are being directed to park avenue for what is typically a pretty quiet neighborhood and once the lanes are reopened at 6 am monday morning, they will be re-closed next weekend for a second weekend in a row. crews have started working to remove car -- concrete slabs along 1792. drivers who normally take the road from park avenue to monroe avenue will have to find another way. we told you 30 minutes ago you can take maitland boulevard rum 1792 to i 4 and exit at the
6:32 am
take park avenue to getting our drive to webster or park avenue 2 morse blvd. both leading you to 1792 southbound. if you're coming from somervell county, officials recommend you consider taking state road 436 to avoid the traffic but this morning we will keep an eye on how the construction and lane closures are impacting the morning drive. working to talk with drivers. deneige broom standing by in problems on the road. >> no major issues. pulling off the map it gives you a better visual representation i 4 westbound, to leave road, if you approaching, park avenue, that could be your best way to take i 4, if you go local roads park avenue, down to denning drive and turn on to webster to get
6:33 am
avenue, you may see congestion with the local roads. 1792 -- more information trickling out on a quiet investigation into a mass shooting in orlando one of the victims was wanted in puerto rico. a puerto rican newspaper reported joseph rojas euro is today. it was a suspect in seven violent crimes on the island. in 2009, judge throughout a weapons charge but we did not find any of the charges or convictions. orlando police say 10 others were caught in the crossfire early sunday when as many as three shooters gunned down rojas and a second man. there has been no arrests. menard county deputies will wait to see whether any potential victims come forward about a 60-year-old man accused of committing a sex act on a teenager. investigators say the victim was hoping charles elder with his laptop at home and ocala. elder admitted to the -- committing the acts and claimed
6:34 am
because it paid with marijuana. no indication that we will control the spread of the zika virus fit officials spoke with congress as you can see behind me that is part of the hearing. two more cases have been confirmed in florida. the new cases in league, miami- dade counties and brings the state total to 18 but all of the patients became infected outside of florida. that means the site -- zika virus has not shown up in mosquitoes here. officials say they will not screen passengers because the department of homeland security says the majority of patients have had few symptoms. international developments in the fight against zika to tell you about, overnight, world health organization just announced possible the -- zika vaccine's are more than one year away from large-scale trials. at least 72 people in the us have been diagnosed, 4 pregnant women have been diagnosed and the us olympic committee said it will have infectious disease specialist at the summer
6:35 am
government estimated one 45 million people have been infected. -- 1.5 million people have been affected. a lot of information on click on the news tab and zika virus. in volusia county, teachers seem to be farther from a new contract this morning. school district taking a break from the bargaining table turning down a 3 percent raise last week. they voted it down because the new contract also raised healthcare premiums. both sides have been negotiating since last year and it's up to the teachers union to present the next proposal. this morning we are learning more about a gunman's connection to orange county before investigators say he killed it two deputies and mail it. >> an awful story. detectives a 68-year-old david evans had two awards including one for assaulting an officer here in central florida. eyewitnesses say evans from the shot and killed deputy who try to talk to him inside of baltimore restaurant wednesday morning.
6:36 am
second deputy in another killed. the baltimore sun reports family members said evans was violent toward his ex-wife. a local deputy killed in the line of duty was remembered county last night. it's been two years. deputy scott pine was killed in also took his own life. wednesday, the senate passed the bill increasing and if it's paid to the families of fallen law enforcement officers. the bill had been championed by pines widow. more national news, the mayor of cleveland said a bill sent to the family of a 12-year- old boy for an ambulance ride to the hospital after he was shot by two police officers was a mistake. the mayor apologized to the family of tamir rice after they received a $500 bill. officials say medicaid along with the city pay for all medical costs. rice was shot while holding a
6:37 am
the officers involved were not indicted by a grand jury. the us justice department has filed a civil rights lawsuit against ferguson missouri. it is the same city of course when an unarmed african- american man mack brown was shot and killed by a police officer in august 2014. the incident sparked riots and tension nationwide. ferguson city leaders recently voted in opposition to a proposed settlement with the justice department's. the orange county owner of a well-known that was snake is asking for more time to prepare a defense to keep his animals. mike kennedy filed a motion to delay a hearing to april. state wildlife agents want to take away his licenses after his king cobra escape for a second time back in september, we remember that. kennedy is facing misdemeanor charges for allowing the snake to escape. the uso is still thousands away from welcoming -- opening a welcoming center at the -- airport at him scheduled to open in the summer but they need $300,000 more. veterans day the new welcome center could be the last thing the soldier see before shipping out.
6:38 am
in two weeks. the new orlando police headquarters is making progress. look at the shots from sky witness 9. you can see the walls are going up at the new facility on anderson and orange profit trail. the old station will be torn down to make way for the new orlando sports complex in the fall. port orange leaders say they cannot afford some solutions to prevent flooding. >> floodwaters damaging more than 60 homes and 2014. olympus which city leaders decided not to build a new bird. they cannot afford a favorite -- $30 million pumping system recommended by engineers at another solution involves buying the homes in flood zones but residents just are not ready to explore that yet. 6:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , don't have to worry about flooding or rain today. >> it is flawless.. is certified meteorologist brian shields. >> over the forecast period in the mid-70s and pleasant afternoon. winds of the southwest 10-20
6:39 am
up palm coast and mohammed last 74 today, -- and the hambrick. temperatures around 75, mild weather and 70 stretching into solano county, troubled park, winter springs, 76 paloma was, a libido also in the mid-70s. mid-70s sweeping through osceola county intercession city, chatham estate, st cloud 75 to 76. tonight a mini front will start to work in and down to 52, cool night but we will see a front work in. for the weekend, i put a forecast for the rest checkout or download the new icflorida app. speaking of the weekend, at 6:47, i will show you how the front will impact weekend temperatures and when we see the next chance of rain. right now it's time for traffic. deneige . >> light traffic tracker,
6:40 am
off to the side is what it looks like the one we see people come on the road, we could see delays in the area. i 4 westbound, state wrote 535, this is on the shoulders that has not caused delays but you will see them so move over. a shooting in columbine high school 10 years ago, coming up on "good morning america", the first interview with the shooters and lessons learned from the master. the pope is headed to cuba, the meeting that no one expected to see. fireworks on the debate stage. democratic candidates facing off, the attacks on the major issues and each other. traffic is driven by toyota of orlando and the all new toyota
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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6:44 am. a predictable race is about to get more interested in presidential candidate carly -- bernie sanders and clinton facing off in the latest debate. kimberly eiten is breaking down highlights. both contenders looking ahead to the next two primary stacks the two primaries, the curveball. each have a win the books for my want in new hampshire but they will have to convince a more diverse population that they are the better choice for the white house. >> reporter: the score is 1-1 with hillary clinton going ahead and i will last week and bernie sanders dominating in the new hampshire primaries. in both states, more than 90 percent of voters were white. looking ahead to the next number two primaries in nevada and south carolina, that is about to change. that was evident on stage last night as clinton started pitching to black, hispanic and female voters. >> i'm running for president to knock down all the barriers that are holding americans back.
6:44 am
in check with this stark reminder. >> well, sec. clinton you are not in the white house yet. >> reporter: clinton came back on the attack, talking healthcare. cheap the trade center's plan as unrealistic. >> that is a promise that cannot be kept. >> i thought my entire life to make sure that health care is a right for all people. we will not dismantle anything. >> reporter: both are offstage, back on the campaign trail this morning. the debate winner still to be decided at the polls. you can see there were only two candidates on stage but it still got crowded. coming up at the top of the hour, the politician who stole there. hillary clinton has until the end of the month to release the rest of her emails from her time at secretary of state. a federal judge ordered the release which will happen before the presidential primary day known as super tuesday. tomorrow 550 pages are expected to be released following another release every week
6:45 am
11 states holding a primary focus. republicans jeb bush getting help on the campaign trail monday, former president bush will appear at a rally in south carolina with his younger brother. the first time the former president has campaigned in more than one decade. donald trump says he's giving up foul language. he made the bow last night in louisiana. he received criticism for repeating an offensive term when talking about ted cruz. that we know about how a 911 call lake keowee police to the wrong house leading to opening fire on an innocent family. >> a 911 caller claimed she was trying to get her keys back and seemed intoxicated. the dispatcher could not find the location. the dispatcher used cell phone towers to paying the callers cell phone but they came back with the wrong address. the caller claimed she did not know where she was. then she confirmed the wrong address. fdle is investigating all the confusion.
6:46 am
we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> a delight this morning. >> after a cold week. you are happy. >> valentine's day weekend. are you ready? >> it is what? >> we will work on that. >> downtown orlando, lake eola, sunshine and cold. 42 but we warm up. yesterday morning we had 20s in marion county. 46, 52 in the villages, claremont, 52. 44 merritt island, titusville. yes, the chill is on the 24- hour temperature change, a couple spots milder, of the spots close to 20 degrees warmer this morning. winds light. giving us patchy fog in spots but overall, southwest wet will pick up and drop in --
6:47 am
orange, osceola, lake and polk county, you may run into patchy fog. other than that, sunshine in the forecast, 69 at noon in palm bay, 72 at 2:00. along the coast we will have a pleasant day. the breeze is kicking up. it is going to be dry. watching by tonight, a few more clouds popping up a weak front with it. many front arriving early tomorrow and this is saturday. mostly sunny conditions. cooler saturday. beaches in the 70s, water temperatures chilly, 50s and 60s and rip current will be a factor all weekend. turning warmer with the sunshine around, mid-70s for us today. 74 leesburg, 75 st cloud, 74 palm coast, deland in the mid- 70s. tonight mostly clear, 53 separate, 50 to orlando. we will see clouds working in with the front and it will be cooler and breezy tomorrow.
6:48 am
upper 50s around and buy the speedway, daytona beach, 60, most was running in the mid-60s for saturday. lots of events, checkout for the weekend events. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view it is on your screen. not bad. 60 tomorrow, it will be chilly valentine's day morning, sunday morning, temperatures in the 40s. 67 for sunday. next week we see 70s, 76 monday. clouds increasing with a chance for a couple showers late monday into tuesday as another front will work in. 6:50 am. a crash on traffic tracker with deneige. >> goldenrod road, colonial drive, looks like they have been able to get into the side. we may see delays because people are getting on the roads now but that is to the side. it comes with a roadblock. gatlin avenue, conway road, a
6:49 am
they are trying to get it out of the way. you may see a five-minute delay. nancy? an emotional reunion taking place in florida today. >> thank you very much. >> a stranger helped put the family doctor -- together after decades apart. >> reporter: starting to see backup because a major road closure. we will show you where. we told you about a bizarre crash in flagler county, the dump truck driver killing two people he was apparently trying to help.
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we are starting to see the back ups for one part of orange . we have been warning you construction. we are monitoring the situation and as expected you are already. >> reporter: it's really -- 6:00 this morning we started to see cars backing up this way toward lake. you can see all of the headlights. this is the area where this
6:53 am
way shall where the road close you're starts. these road closed signs and orange cones will be here until 6:00 a.m. monday. then the lanes will be shut down next friday for a second weekend in a row. the closure goes for just over a mile and -- a half mile. southbound on 1792 from maitland to winter park. crews are working to remove concrete slabs and replacing the roadway with asphalt. you can take maitla nd from 1792 to i-4 or park avenue to denning webster or park avenue to morris. both will get you back to 1792 southbound. >> and you can stay on top of any other problems. just down load the wftv news app and click on the live traffic app.
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offender city that some believe is a solution. subpoena there are 4,000 offenders in florida. i visited one community made up of sex offenders. the community is run by a church called matthew 25 ministries. there are more than 100 sex offenders, all of whom have been housed because they had nowhere else to go. they must all pay rent. law enforcement said the single location helps check quickly on offenders. >> it decreases homelessness, decreases unemployment and increases public safety. >> there are similar clusters in central florida but none this bing. most are scattered throughout neighborhoods. officials say to make this work a remote location is key. it also needs time to get a job to afford rent. the pope is going on his next trip and the first stop
6:55 am
he will meet for a few hours in havana with the head of the russian church. it'll be the first meeting between them. afterward he will go to mexico. oil prices increased after dipping to new lows. the prices dipped to 12 year lows but rebounded after the wall street journal reported there may be some production cuts in opec. those dropping prices expected to save the average household about $2 this year. according to the energy information administration the average price is forecast to be $1.98 a gallon. that's the lowest full year average since 2009. the national average is expected to be $2.08 and then fall again. we now when injured service members around the world will gather here in central florida
6:56 am
sporting event. >> the invictus will be held at espn wide world of sports complex. 14 countries will be represented and more than 400 wounded veterans and active duty service members will participate. three members of the orlando magic are in toronto to take part in the all-star weekend. tomorrow gordon takes center stage in the slam dunk contest. he said he has researched every prior dunk contest. one woman in the power of social media helped reconnect a homeless man with a family he hasn't seen in decades many if started when the woman met the man ata a food kitchen downtown. >> my hero now. my hero. >> the 65-year-old isaac,
6:57 am
ten years walking and living on the streets. until a woman shot this video of him and posted it on social media. >> there is people out there that give a [bleep] about [inaudible] like me. >> yes there is. after 40 years he is now going back to his family up in north carolina. they will be down in miami to get him tomorrow. isn't that something? >> that's nice to see. >> yeah. great story. we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> five-day forecast. that weekend always in view. today will be beautiful. cold outside but we will be in the 70s throughout the day. the 60s on the way this weekend. not bad with a chance of a few showers as we get into early next week. i hope you have a great day ahead. 6:59. we have a crash at conway road. that's blocking at least one lane at that intersection.
6:58 am
to get through but we are starting to see delays. we continue to follow a strange crash where a dump truck driver killed two people he was trying to help. we are working to find out the driver could face charges. >> your news coverage continues now on eyewitness news this morning on tv27. good morning, america. bitter blast. record-breaking cold this valentine's day weekend. wind chills as low as 30 below. the threat of frostbite and hypothermia. 65 million people being warned to stay inside. fighting back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders going toe to toe overnight. >> that's a promise that cannot be kept. >> clinton trying to get back on track. but sanders not giving any ground. >> madame secretary, that is a low blow.
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